Invitation for Collaboration for Institutions and Organisations


Dear Colleagues,

For strengthening international academic cooperation and sharing experinces we would like you to consider International Academic Journal "Pedagogical Advances in Technology-Mediated Education" as a platform for the dissemination of your projects results, publishing conference papers and proceedings. 

We are open for collaboration with universities, research organisations and other establishments which are involved in the project activities, conference and workshop organisations, education and research programs.

Please feel free to contact us for dicussing details of our collaboration at the email addresses: (education and technologies); (language studies and education)

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

PATME Editorial Board



You are welcome to join our international reviewing board!


Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to consider joining our international board of reviewers if your major and academic interest concern education, technologies and language studies.

We hope it will be a good opportunity for you to share your expertise in the area of your professional domain by guiding perspective researchers in their academic endeavors and disciminating your knowledge for the sake of enhacing the quality of the academic research and strenthening collaboration in the community of the global academia.

Please send your letter of intention for our collaboration together with your CV the email addresses: (for technology and education); (language studies and education)

Looking forward to inviting you in our international academic team!


Submit your paper for reviewing and publishing!


We would like to invite you to submit your paper for the upcoming issue of PATME which is going to concern the current problems of language education, the role and place of technologies in language learning, technological and methodological innovations in the area of language studies and language education.  Papers on technologcial and methodological advances in linguistics and translation are welcome for reviewing in publishing in a special issue of the journal.

For more information feel free to contact us: (submissions in the fields of education and technologies); (submissions in the fields of language studies)

Tel. +905396225536


1st International Conference on Language Studies, Translation and Education, 15-16 of November (Istanbul, Turkey)


On 15-16 of November in Istanbul the Iternational Association for Technology, Education and Languge Studies (IATELS) was organing 1st International Conference on Language Studies, Translation and Education (LASTE 2018). The original format of the conference allowed the participants not only to present their research but also to share their professional experinces and visions upon urgent problems of languages and language education in their countries. During the pre-conference workshop the urgent global problems were highlighted by the presenters, and through fruitful discussins and collaboration the conference participants came up with the ideas and project drafts aimed to enhance the quality of the language education and the overall language literacy of the population. It was stressed by the participants that the language and its learning are defined in great extend by the students' attitudes, cultural perceptions, accents in the global policies concerning education and languages. It was mutually agreed to continue international collaboration through organising another 2nd International Conference on Language Studies, Translation and Education and sateliting workshops aimed to enhance academic competences of perspective PhD students, teaching skills of pre-service and in-service English language teachers, skills of applying ICT in teaching and learning, programs enhancing cultural awareness and international exchange.

We are looking forward to LASTE 2019 and announcements for the upcoming workshops!